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You can self-manage your vacation rental properties!
Our program will guide you on how to do it right from the start!

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Host Coaching Program

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Your short-term rental is a big investment that only starts making you money once you are renting it out. Getting your business started can often be overwhelming and take months (even years) of trial and error to get it right.


Our STaRt Smart program shortens the learning curve and helps you get your short-term rental listed and renting in just weeks! And, best of all, we teach you to do it right the first time.

Many vacation rental property owners are looking to optimize their profits and are willing to put in the time needed to manage their property on their own. However, there are many moving parts when it comes to self-managing from hiring cleaning and maintenance crews to properly listing your property on all of the listing sites.

The Utmost Host's STaRt Smart Host Coaching Program matches you with a Host coach who will walk you step by step through all of the steps needed to set up your listings and your business properly. You'll also learn how to automate many processes so that you can maximize your time and spend more time enjoying your property than managing it!

Our STaRt Smart Host Coaching Program includes:

  • Up to ten (10) 1:1 one-hour-long Zoom sessions with your Host Coach

  • Unlimited email and text support with your Host Coach

  • Access to The Utmost Host VIP Facebook group, exclusively for our Host Coaching clients

  • Coming end of winter 2023 - Access to our online learning and document library 

What you will accomplish by working with The Utmost Host:

  • Learn how to properly and quickly set up Owner Rez Property Management Software

  • Create optimized listings for the various OTA's including Airbnb and VRBO

  • Launch your very own Direct Booking website

  • Automate guest & team communications saving you hours of work each day!

  • Build a tech stack that includes dynamic pricing, online house manual, property damage insurance and doorlock automation, and integrate them all with Owner Rez for seamless and efficient workflow 

  • Learn how to properly set up your property, what to shop for and what to avoid 

  • Learn how to market your property and get more 5-Star reviews

  • Acquire knowledge on hiring your team, signing up for utilities and other services, setting up your tax payments, shopping for your property, and much much more!

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How do I know if I will be good at self-managing?

Self-managing your own property is not as difficult as it sounds, as long as you have all of the elements set up correctly; and, that is what we teach you to do in the STaRt Smart Program. However, it is definitely not for everybody, so before you decide that this is the path you want to take, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I have a flexible schedule that would allow me to answer a few calls a week at random times in the day? (We help minimize the number of calls you'll receive, but you can't eliminate them all!)

  • Are you somewhat tech-savvy? We help you set up property management software to run your business, but you need to feel comfortable using it after our coaching is done.

  • Do you enjoy customer service and sometimes dealing with difficult people? Most guests are awesome, but occasionally you'll get one that is a challenge. 

  • If there's a leak in the house while the guest is there, or the TV isn't working right, are you going to be able to think and act under pressure? (You'll have a team in place to take care of the actual issue, but you have to be cool and collected enough to coordinate it.)


If you answered Yes, to these questions, you definitely are a fit for self-management! Click here to complete our intake form and we will set up a free 20-minute consultation to learn more about your needs and see if we are a fit!

Interested in Self-Management Coaching?

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